Sujatha Raju – The Incredible Woman behind SAI SEVA


Photo: dmprojects

Photo: dmprojects


More Than Charity: Anshu Gupta’s Win-Win Deal against Poverty

A popular saying in India goes: Roti Kapada aur Makaan—Food, Clothes and Shelter, describing the three essential needs of a human being. In Western societies, clothes are often taken for granted in this trilogy, but the struggle for Kapada remains a reality people on the streets must face in India. Businessman Anshu Gupta was shocked by the story of Bano, a young Indian girl. With many people dying of cold on the Delhi streets during the winter, Bano stayed warm by sleeping against the bodies of the dead that her father collected for the Indian government. Gupta left his job and founded GOONJ, an NGO that provides clothes to underserved people, who are asked in exchange to contribute to a communal construction project.

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