INDIA 25 is the story of 4 long time friends, who have gone down separate paths in life, but are driven by one same passion: to travel the world and make a difference in the places they go. As students, we want to apply the skills from our different fields together to meet passionate individuals from different cultures and share their stories to inspire others.

We believe that the most creative ideas sprout in the most extreme conditions. India, facing such challenges as overpopulation and great social divides, appeared to us as the ground to engage in issues that matter.

Itinerary Map - KKBB(EN)

We have selected 25 social entrepreneurs to meet over the course of 25 days, across 9 Indian cities. We will travel to meet them, discuss their ideas and learn from them. All of these stories will be filmed and put together in a documentary film, along with a series of short travel videos.


ThibaultThibault is the engine behind India 25, coordinating the project from Silicon Valley thanks to all-nighters on Google Docs, many Skype calls and constant emailing with our entrepreneurs. Entering graduate studies at UC Berkley in the Fall, Thibault decided to build an project to channel his passion for innovation and social entrepreneurship. His motivated spirit and determination took care of the rest. Thibault wants to make sure this experience in India is unforgettable for all involved.

ErwanErwan likes to push his limits, whether it’s by going to med school or running a marathon. A natural adventurer with previous journeys from California to North Africa, he will navigate the team through India with his carefully planned itinerary. He is also going through every travel guide he can get his hands on in the hope of finding spice-free food. Erwan’s good mood will keep spirits soaring throughout the month.

CharlesCharles is our money-savvy communications and finance coordinator. Whether negotiating the price for a rickshaw, or keeping track of all of our costs, Charles will get us the most out of our time and money, while keeping a sense of humour. His force of will, good sense of relations and flexibility to improvise always lead him to discover new experiences.

AlexisAlexis is an always-on-the-road kind of a guy. Whether he’s practicing graphics design and modern languages in Paris, studying creative writing, film and cultural studies in Canada or working with Burmese refugees in Thailand, Alexis seeks to understand other  cultures and gather stories. He’s in charge of graphics and visuals for the project.


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  1. Hi there,

    What a great way to spend 25 days of your life! I wanted to draw your attention to an organization i worked with for 3 years, called Leaders’ Quest (www.leadersquest.org). It is a social enterprise, based out of London and Mumbai, that designs experiential programs called ‘Quests’ for businesses and senior leaders to help them redefine their values and focus on social responsibility. Leaders’ Quest works with big corporate names like EY, Barclays, Bain & Company etc, as well as grassroots leaders in the most marginalised communities in India. My colleagues and I have designed and prepared programs all over India for many clients, and as part of these programs we have met and engaged with leaders from across business, non profit and academia in India. There are direct synergies between India25 and the work at Leaders’ Quest and so i’d encourage you to reach out to them while you are in India. You can contact them through the website directly or send me an email: gitikamohta@gmail.com and i can put you in touch with the team (I no longer work at Leaders’ Quest). All the best for your adventure!

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