Act III: Post-prod

Working on INDIA 25 this summer was a blast. The project also took a significant amount of time and energy from each member. By mid-May, INDIA 25 became my full time summer job right up to the departure date and beyond. I had many days of working from waking until bedtime (usually on writing or graphics). Motivation to do the project justice got the better part of my weekends. All my energy went into the crowdfunding campaign, and gathering all the shooting equipment for the trip. Then, before I knew it, I was taking off for Delhi. Once in India, we were immersed in the project at every moment.

Like any project, INDIA 25 had its set of realities that did not meet expectations. I expected Internet connections would be more readily available. I also expected updating our various platforms would be less time consuming. And of course, I expected to have the energy to work full days nonstop, like I’d been doing for two months before we even took off. Once on the ground, things were very different. We expected to keep you better in the loop of things, but in the end, we found our time better spent getting the most out of our interviews, which were unique opportunities during the trip.

Our days mostly revolved around getting to our required destinations, and leading interviews. India has the reputation of being a chaotic environment and we certainly found that our plans were constantly changing and that we had to be flexible with unexpected circumstances. In that regard, I would say we succeeded, as we met with all 25 scheduled entrepreneurs and reached our primary goal in the country. Our tour of India was exciting, intense and all-consuming. And when it all came to an end, I, for one, can say that I was exhausted.

I realized it was mid-August, somewhat confused by the dying summer and wondered where the past three months had gone. We each made our way back to our respective places in the world and realized we had to attend to all the parts of our lives that are unrelated to INDIA 25. Suffice it to say we took a well-deserved month off to see our loved ones, prepare for the upcoming school year and, for some, start new chapters of our lives. But, with everything presently taking its place, we are ready to resume what we started and to take our project to the finish line. Thank you waiting while we took this month-long intermission and please allow me to tell you what we have in store for you next.

– We have many stories to tell from our trip. From travel tips to accounts of meeting with entrepreneurs, we are excited to share with you our various adventures from this month-long trip. Starting this Saturday, we will deliver weekly blog posts, sharing our impressions, lessons and favourite moments from this project (so far!).

– As promised during our funding campaign, we will host an evening in Paris dedicated to INDIA 25 in December (date TBA) to speak about our project, share live post-trip thoughts, and display select travel photography. At this event, we will also premiere excerpts of our interviews and travels, as a sneak peak for our upcoming final production. This premiere video will also be available online for those unable to attend.

– We wish we could have come home and started sharing videos right away. However, organizing all the footage we accumulated and shaping it into a consistent product matching our vision will take much discussion, scripting, editing and graphics work. Earlier on, we presented our end goal as a feature length documentary film. While in the field, we realized a web-series divided into thematic episodes may be better suited to what we’re doing. These are ongoing discussions we are having to ensure we deliver our content in the best possible format, so no decision is final yet. What I can tell you right away is that we’re aiming to release our final production around the summer of 2014. This timeframe is tentative and may evolve as we go forward, but given our busy schedules as students for the upcoming months, we estimate we may have to wait until next spring to wrap up INDIA 25 with a few months of full time post-production.

Keep checking back on this blog, which will be our main communication platform for the upcoming months, for all INDIA 25 updates and releases. And if you like our Facebook page, we’ll even let you know when new posts are up!


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