Support the INDIA 25 Campaign!

Today is our official campaign launch! We are starting our fundraising on KissKissBankBank to support our documentary project in India. Our target of €2,500 will help us travel around India in 25 days to meet 25 entrepreneurs with 25 ideas to change the world. 


A few entrepreneurs we will meet.

Photo credits: Ravi Coudhary, Greenway Grameen Infra, TED, Deepak G . Pawar

We would like to thank all of those who have already donated, as well as those who have supported us so far: friends and family who gave early feedback and the entrepreneurs who were quick to respond with much interest to our proposal. INDIA 25 is a story of human exchange and sharing. We hope you’ll be a part of it! To contribue, head on over to the INDIA 25 KKBB page to check out all the project details and donation packages:

Our deepest gratitude for taking the time to learn more about our project.


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